Bingo is a great way to socialize or win money, but if you're running a bingo hall, then you have to care for the safety of large groups of people. During a bingo session, games can get noisy and hectic, especially as numbers are called or "Bingo!" is screamed out. Setting up an emergency alert messaging signage system can make a huge difference in the way different situations are handled in the bingo hall. A bingo hall has ample opportunity to set up this system and use it for every session that is played. By using this guide, you can see how the safety of your bingo hall is improved with the message alert system.

Bingo Hall Monitors

Many bingo halls rely on monitors to display the next bingo number waiting to be called. Along with displaying the upcoming number, you can sync each one of these monitors with an emergency messaging system. The system can be connected online and automatically show alerts for the building and the local area. For example, when an emergency like a fire occurs, the bingo hall monitor will be replaced with a clear message indicating that there is a fire. The monitors can display safety instructions along with audio messages to leave the hall.

The monitors can also display tornado or blizzard warnings on the screen. With viewing monitors displayed all over the bingo hall, it can help ensure that everyone can see the monitors and understand what is happening.

Video Bingo Tablets

Along with the video monitors, players may be marking digital cards on a wireless tablet. If this is the case, then the emergency alert messaging system can also be installed into the tablet software. This allows every person to get alerts and have interactive options for each one. For example, a person can tap on the tablet to read more about a blizzard alert. This can include information like the amount of snow and the estimated duration of the blizzard. Extended features on a touchscreen device can also display an evacuation map so that bingo players can calmly exit the hall and understand exactly where to go.

Audio Systems

All of the emergency alerts can be wired into your bingo hall's audio system. Along with an emergency alarm, voices can read the emergency message and the directions that everyone should follow. This makes it a lot easier for bingo hall employees to control and organize the actions of others without constantly shouting out directions.

A video signage company like ChyTV can help with set up, installation, and training for these emergency systems.